Tri (pronounced as 'tree' or ‘trey’ - depending on the mood) is a creative, photographer, coffee addict and law graduate based in Melbourne, Australia.

“I never expected photography would be an art I would take up. That didn’t happen until way down the road.

I grew up in an Asian-traditional household, where the mindset of education, getting good grades and getting to university is the top priority in life. It never gave me room to explore the creative industry at the young age.

It wasn’t until my second year at university when my parents bought for me a camera on my birthday - it was a Canon 1000D with the kit lens. I had absolutely no idea on how to use a camera. I went into my backyard and started tinkering with my camera. The very first photo I ever took was of a leaf. As soon as I saw the image from it, everything changed. Witnessing the bokeh, the colours, the depth of field for the very first time… completely flipped my world upside-down.”

Since 2012, photography became a passionate hobby and Tri hasn’t put down the camera since; taking up various photography work such as portraits, landscape, weddings and product photography.

In 2016, Tri made the decision to elevate his passion into a career; focusing on fashion and product photography.